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Here's Why McCormick Is Looking for a Director of Taco Relations

Are you between jobs, love good food, and interested in making $100,000 in just four months? Then McCormick (NYSE: MKC) has a job for you. The company is actively searching for a director of taco relations.

In this video from Motley Fool Live, recorded on July 13, Fool contributor Toby Bordelon explains to fellow contributor Brian Withers why this is more than just a publicity stunt for McCormick. Perhaps it's a creative way to stand out in a competitive labor market.

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Toby Bordelon: Yeah, let me continue those. Continue this food trend. I'll talk about tacos. Everyone likes tacos on Tuesday. Taco Tuesday. You know who else loves tacos apparently is McCormick. Let me show you guys this. This came out today. They're advertising for a new job. This new job is the director of taco relations at McCormick. Which seems pretty cool. They're basically saying that you're going to be the resident taco expert, work with the kitchen teams to develop new recipes, travel across the country -- which seems pretty cool -- in search of the latest taco trends. Collaborate on stuff like National Taco Day and National Margarita Day, etc. Taco Tuesday as well. This is fun.

Brian Withers: Is this your dream job, Toby? [laughs]

Bordelon: No, once upon a time it might have been. So the kicker here, [laughs] the pay is $25,000 a month, which, I mean, yeah. Now, this is a part-time role. It's a limited-term engagement, it's only going to last at most four months, they say, so the most you make is $100,000. But hey, if you're between gigs right now, and you're thinking or you're thinking, I just want to do something different, director of taco relations for four months, make $100 grand, go travel the world for the rest of the year.

Withers: That's an awesome resume builder.

Bordelon: You got to be 21 to apply. If you're a high school kid, I'm sorry this is not yet for you. And also if you're a current employee, no. They are not going to let you apply for this. It's got to be someone outside the company.

Now look. Let's talk about what's happening here. I don't think, this is obviously a PR stunt to some degree. But you know Brian, yesterday we talked a little bit about I kept bringing up ZipRecruiter. Throughout The Wrap, throughout the day, really, that was my company of the day, if you will. One issue we are seeing right now is trying to match up people with jobs. There's a lot of people looking for jobs, a lot of jobs doing unfilled. It would not surprise me if part of what McCormick is doing here is trying to get their name out like, hey, we're cool, come work for us. This is probably not the only job opening they have, I would guess. So they're going to try to get some people thinking about McCormick as a place to work, not just a tasty provider of spices for summer grilling.

They want to get people to apply for jobs generally speaking. This might work for it. I mean, as a recruiting tool, spending 100 grand is not when a company this big if you at least get your name out there, and drive applications, and drive interest, might be worthwhile. But it's the fun thing to see during the summer, too. I love this from McCormick.

Withers: Oh, yes. I love the news story and the job posting. That's fantastic. I can totally see, Toby, yesterday, we talked about the number of job openings essentially equals the number of people that are unemployed, and so there's a supremely tight job market right now. I would say companies that are viewed as old style companies like McCormick would, I think, have trouble attracting maybe a younger crowd or college graduates, and I think I saw TikTok was in there, too. You had to be part of that. I think that's really super for them. I love them to try new stuff.

Brian Withers has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Jon Quast has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Toby Bordelon has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends McCormick. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.


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